Laboratory of Materials for Energy

The main focus of the laboratory is the development of advanced materials for the conventional energy systems as well as the design of novel materials and technological approaches for future energy applications. The group profile includes the following research fields:

  • Catalytic materials: the activities of the group are aimed at the design of new effective catalytic systems through various synthetic methods and their comprehensive microstructural and catalytic evaluation.
  • Materials for energy conversion: solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) mainly constitute this topic. Group efforts in this field are applied to finding new materials and composites for high- and mid-temperature oxide fuel cells from sol-gel nanostructuring synthesis and various deposition techniques (atmospheric plasma spray, solution precursor plasma spray, and chemical vapor deposition).
  • Wear resistant and corrosion resistant materials for energy applications: research in this field aims at the development of cost-effective material solutions with large environmental saving effect due to the energy saving in mechanical motion as well as minimizing material wear and corrosion.

Head of Laboratory: Serhii Tkachenko, Ph.D.