Laboratory of Biomaterials Processing

We have the mission to combine advanced materials with high technology processing methods to obtain composite structures that recover or regenerate the function of damaged tissues. We work to bring down the barriers between materials and biological sciences.

Research at a glance

  • Generation and characterization of cell-based bioinks for bioprinting (extrusion).
  • Biological evaluation and characterization during and after biofabrication.
  • Biofabrication of in vitro models of normal and pathological tissues.
  • Additive manufacturing of scaffolds and implants (robocasting and SLM).
  • Study cell-material interactions and degradation of biodegradable materials.
  • Develop biodegradable metallic materials and ceramic-metallic composites for orthopaedic implants.

Head of Laboratory: Edgar Benjamin Montufar Jimenez, Ph.D.